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PCs/MS-DOS Clients

While there are not likely to be sophisticated servers for an MS- DOS environment, there are plenty of good client programs. One of the complications of DOS is the fact that it has not been a networked operating system. While this is different for Windows-NT, and will be true for newer MS Windows users, older MS Windows or MS DOS users must provide their own networking. gif.

There are a number of public domain or low cost networking packages that run under MS Windows. Most conform to the emerging winsock network Application Programming Interface (API). Winsock has the massive advantage that it is very closely compatible with the most widely used Unix networking API, the so-called BSD sockets interface. This means that a widely used client, NCSA's Mosaic has been ported to the Windows environment on PCs.

The configuration below in table4.1 is a subset of a tested one that works with Mosaic 2.0. The fields are largely self-explanatory. Also, many of these can be set from the application.

Table 4.1:  Partial Configuration for Mosaic for Windows

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