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Carl Philips Yachting

Carl Philips Yachting is a yacht brokerage in Hampshire, England. Their business is buying and selling yachts - by its nature this is an international business which fits well with the international nature of the Web.

As you would expect with a small business such as this, they don't run their own server, but instead rent space the Web server of their local commercial internet provider - Aladdin Internet.

Figure 7.1:  A Luxury Yacht

Figure 7.2:  A Yacht Hull Structure

By comparison with some, their server is relatively simple, with a listing of some of the yachts they have available, and then detailed information and pictures of each yacht.

They make good use of pictures of each yacht or of a yacht of the same type, and feature plans of many.

Figure 7.3:  Yachts For Sale

To print this information in colour and send plans out to prospective buyers takes time and costs money. The Web has no reproduction cost, very little distribution cost, and much larger (if less focussed) coverage that any yachting magazine. The costs involved with maintaining the server are minimal given that they need to keep the details of the yachts online anyway to print the paper equivalent.

Figure 7.4:  Particulars of a Yacht

Although they are the first online yacht brokerage in the UK, they are not likely to be the last, as they report a quite a number of enquiries from all over as a result.

Figure 7.5:  Photo and Schematic of Yacht

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