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Some more examples of similar server sites

It won't be long before you can find books on the Web like this one 6.7.

Figure 6.7:  Beneath the Surf

And of course, governments are keen to prove they are keeping up with the times, as are historians, and naturally, botanists as shown in 6.8, 6.9 and 6.10.

Government agencies often expend a great deal in dissemianting information through the media and through their own publishing organisations. For example, health and safety or educational information, as well as general policy need to be widely distributed. Online information services allow the subjects of such policies to browse them at leisure, and to providew feedback, while maintaining relevance and focus.

Figure 6.8:  Government

Museums and Botanical Gardens are public services in the UK. They are often undersubscribed, simply through lack of public awareness. Just as with commercial services (see the next chapter), it is in the interest of those providing the service to maximise public knowledge of exactly what is on offer.

Figure 6.9:  The Natural History Museum

Figure 6.10:  Kew Gardens

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