Computer Laboratory

Talks & Tutorials

Here a list of the talks, camps, tutorials I have done. Please feel free to contact me.

  • OSNT -- A Community-owned Platform for High-performance and Low-cost Network Testing, RIPE meeting (Open Source Working Group), Amsterdam, NL, 14 May, 2015.
  • Hardware Accelerated Networking Systems: from Theory to Practice, Doctoral Workshop on Mathematical and Engineering Methods in Computer Science workshop (MEMICS), Telc, CZ, 17 Oct, 2014. (keynote speech)
  • OSNT: Open Source Network Tester, Next Generation Networking, Multi-Service Networks workshop, Abingdon, UK, 10 Jul, 2014
  • A New Open and Flexible Way to Test Next-Generation (OpenFlow) Switches, Computer Lab, Cambridge University, UK, 6 Mar, 2014
  • Fighting Micro Burst Effects with a NetFPGA based Measurement Low Latency Tool, T-Labs, Berlin, DE, 28 Mar, 2013
  • Enhancing OpenFlow Capabilities through Pattern Matching Techniques, Department of Computer Systems, Brno University, CZ, 25 Nov, 2011
  • Heuristic, Encoding and Bloom Filters to Accelerate IP Address Lookup, Department of Computer Systems, Brno University, CZ, 21 Nov, 2011
  • A Heuristic and Hybrid Hash-based Approach to Fast Lookup, Computer Lab, Cambridge University, UK, 13 May, 2010

  • Open Source Networking, IEEE Netsoft, University College London (UCL), UK, 13 Apr, 2015
  • NetFPGA Summer Camp, Camputer Lab, University of Cambridge, UK, 2-6 Sept, 2013
  • NetFPGA Summer Camp, Computer Science Department, Stanford University, US, 29 Jul - 02 Aug, 2013
  • European NetFPGA Spring Camp, University of Technology, Poznan, PL, 20-24 March, 2013