Computer Laboratory

Mobile security reading group

This is a reading group which meets at 10:00 every Wednesday during term in SW00 and discusses papers relevant to security and mobile devices.

Participants should sign up to the mailing list. The paper(s) to be read will be announced by the preceeding Friday so that people know what is being read sufficiently in advance that they can read it.

Paper Queue

This is the list of papers in our to read queue in the order we intend to read them

  1. Exploiting Delay Patterns for User IPs Identification in Cellular Networks by Vasile Claudiu Perta, Marco Valerio Barbera and Alessandro Mei
  2. Fingerprinting Smart Devices Through Embedded Acoustic Components by Anupam Das, Nikita Borisov and Matthew Caesar
  3. Your Voice Assistant is Mine: How to Abuse Speakers to Steal Information and Control your Phone by Wenrui Diao, Xiangyu Liu, Zhe Zhou and Kehuan Zhang

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