Computer Laboratory

Mobile security reading group

This is a reading group which meets at 10:00 every Wednesday during term in SW00 and discusses papers relevant to security and mobile devices.

Participants should sign up to the mailing list. The paper(s) to be read will be announced by the preceeding Friday so that people know what is being read sufficiently in advance that they can read it.

Paper Queue

This is the list of papers in our to read queue in the order we intend to read them

  1. Avatar: A Framework to Support Dynamic Security Analysis of Embedded Systems’ Firmwares by Jonas Zaddach, Luca Bruno, Aure ́lien Francillon and Davide Balzarotti
  2. Finding Tizen security bugs through whole-system static analysis by Daniel Song, Jisheng Zhao, Michael Burke, Dragos ̧ Sbîrlea, Dan Wallach, and Vivek Sarkar
  3. A New Covert Channel over Cellular Voice Channel in Smartphones by Bushra Aloraini, Daryl Johnson, Bill Stackpole, Sumita Mishra
  4. SeCReT: Secure Channel between Rich Execution Environment and Trusted Execution Environment by Jinsoo Jang, Sunjune Kong∗, Minsu Kim, Daegyeong Kim, Brent Byunghoon Kang
  5. On Tracking Information Flows through JNI in Android Applications by Chenxiong Qian ; Xiapu Luo ; Yuru Shao ; Chan, A.T.S.
  6. General Area or Approximate Location?: How People Understand Location Permissions by Huiqing Fu and Janne Lindqvist
  7. PowerSpy: Location Tracking using Mobile Device Power Analysis by Yan Michalevsky, Gabi Nakibly, Aaron Schulman, Dan Boneh
  8. Gyrophone: Recognizing Speech from Gyroscope Signals by Yan Michalevsky and Dan Boneh

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A * indicates that the paper was selected as a 'best paper of the term'.