Further topics

Effective bandwidth

The effective bandwidth of a traffic process is a convenient summary of its statistical characteristics.

Internet switch design

Standard queueing models are only an approximation to what goes on in the Internet. The cornerstone of Internet is the combined input/output-queued crossbar switch, the heart of most routers. Queueing theorists have so far paid little attention to these devices. I believe that modern advances in queueing theory may have significant implications for switch design.

Long-range dependence

W.Willinger's work on long-range dependence has had a huge impact on the way queueing theory is applied.

Traffic measurement

One very good result of the work on long-range dependence is the increased attention given to traffic measurement.

The evolving Internet

Queueing theory only describes a small aspect of the Internet: what happens to packets of data once they have been sent. To expand our view, we must look at the end-systems that generate the data. Doing so leads us to rethink the entire network architecture---to migrate control of the network towards individual users. Researchers from Cambridge are at the forefront of this work.

See a list of papers maintained by F.P.Kelly, and especially Resource pricing and the evolution of congestion control, R.J.Gibbens and F.P.Kelly.