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Operating Systems
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Operating Systems

Principal lecturer: Dr Martin Richards
Taken by: Part IA (50% option), Part IA (25% option), Part IA (Maths with Computer Science)

Past exam questions

Supervisions and Revision

The course has not changed and so this year's notes are the same as for last year (except for the Cover Pages in the paper form, the Lecturer and, of course, the exam questions!!!). The first set of last year's notes are available on-line in (gzipped postscript, 1up, PDF, 1up, or gzipped poscript, 2up) formats. The second set of of last year's notes covering the case studies is available on-line in (PDF, 2up).

The past exam questions are also online and are useful for exam practice, or for assigning supervision work. Note that the course was substantially revised in 1998/99, and so many questions prior to to 1999 are not relevant; some exceptions are 1998 P1Q4 and 1998 P1Q11. There is also a set of additional questions for the first part of the course (computer organisation) which were prepared by Dr Tim Harris in 2002. They are available in ps.gz and pdf formats.

Supervisors: note that a section of the first part of the course includes additional material not for examination and not covered in lectures. However you may wish to go over this with interested students.

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