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Algorithms I
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Algorithms I

Principal lecturer: Dr Keir Fraser
Taken by: Part IA (50% option), Part IA (25% option)


The lecture slides are available in PDF and Postscript formats. Simple C implementations of all the comparison-based sorting methods are available in PDF, 2up and Postscript, 2up formats, or as the original C source file.

Other resources

Past questions

Questions from last year's IA Algorithms course are available here

A large range of suitable questions from the IB Data Structures and Algorithms course can be found online. Going back as far as 1997, the following questions can reasonably be attempted after attending the appropriate lectures:

  • 05/6/1 (algorithm construction)
  • 05/4/3 (hashing)
  • 04/4/3 (splay trees)
  • 03/4/3 (hashing)
  • 03/3/3 (heapsort)
  • 02/4/4 (shellsort)
  • 01/3/5 (quicksort, order statistsics)
  • 00/3/5 (order statistics)
  • 99/6/1 (splay trees, hashing)
  • 99/5/1 (heapsort)
  • 98/3/6 (heaps)
  • 97/3/6 (algorithm construction).


Feedback is welcome at any time: either through the on-line comment system, by e-mail to me or through any of the other channels available.