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Discrete Mathematics II
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Discrete Mathematics II

Principal lecturer: Prof Glynn Winskel
Taken by: Part IA (50% option)

Past exam questions

For links to the Discrete Mathematics II lecture notes, and topics for the Mini-Seminars, please go to Professor Winskel's home page.

Here are PDF versions of the handwritten slides:

Mini-Seminars in Discrete Mathematics

One Tick in the Part IA 50% portfolio is associated with the Lent Term Discrete Mathematics lectures. The class will be divided into groups of up to 15 students per group and each group will meet on four occasions, at the same time each week for four consecutive weeks.

A schedule has been issued showing who has been allocated to which groups and when the groups will meet. At each session, up to four students will be required to give a mini-seminar lasting about 10 minutes. The topic of the seminar will be issued well in advance.

An attendance register will be kept and to secure the Discrete Mathematics Tick a student must attend all four sessions and deliver a mini-seminar.

In the rare event of a student being unable to attend a session, a Tutor's note addressed to the Secretary of the Computer Science Syndicate will be required. In the absence of such a note the Tick will be lost.