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Comparative Programming Languages
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Comparative Programming Languages

Principal lecturer: Dr Martin Richards
Taken by: Part IB, Part II (General), Diploma

Past exam questions

Click ps or pdf for the lecture notes.

Click ps or pdf for the overhead projector slides.

Click ps or pdf for the draft of a paper relating to BCPL coroutines.

Click here for a good introduction (in html) to Squeak and the Smalltalk-80 Programming Language.

The last lecture will be a case study on Bjarne Stroustrup's paper: "What is Object Oriented Programming?"
To obtain a copy click or bjarne.pdf

A Note Concerning the Closest Point Pair Algorithm or closest.pdf

Click ps.gz or pdf for the lecture notes (pages 1-67).

Click prologman.pdf to see a SWI-Prolog 5.0 Reference Manual.

Click PLVol1.ppt, PLVol2.ppt, PLVol3.ppt, PLVol4.ppt and PLVol5.ppt for the Powerpoint slides.

Click,,, and for the above slides in black and white .ps format.

Click or plogslds.pdf for the final 23 slides .ps or .pdf format.

An implementation of Prolog has been installed on the PWFs for use with Windows. Its location is:


To enter it, double click on the SWI_prolog shortcut in \clteach\mr.

SWI-prolog and its documentation was obtained from