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Structured Hardware Design
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Structured Hardware Design

Principal lecturer: Dr David Greaves (
Taken by: Part IA (50% option)

Past exam questions

At least 10 minutes or so of each lecture will be devoted to example material, including previous exam questions, for which there are no slides in this handout.

  • Lecture Handout Slides PDF.

    There are more slides here than will be used in lectures. The slides not covered were slide 49 on bit-serial arithmetic and the last two slides on midi-merge. The design partition issues for the Modem, slide 51, will not be examinable.

  • Partial, But Detailed Notes: PDF       Gzip'd Postscript       These detailed notes contain many of the points mentioned in the lectures and other material too. They were last updated a couple of years ago and will be updated again next year.

  • Additional Exercises: Text File.

  • Learners' Guide: Text File