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Slides from the lecture course, corrections to the slides and additional slides from the last lecture

Notation and probability summary sheet

Example questions and part 1 and part 2 of the selected solutions

Past exam questions

The NS v2 network simulator is installed on the Cockroft 4 PWF Linux system. The binary is just called ns and is in the default path. Documentation is in /usr/doc/NSv2. Richard Mortier organized the installation of NS, but please direct any comments or problems to me in the first instance.

A set of examples for NS v2 are available along with a paper describing them.

Some years ago a set of written notes was distributed for this course. These notes are now somewhat out of step with the material covered -- in particular the queueing theory section in those notes covers more material (e.g. the M/G/1 queue) and does so in more detail. However, these notes are still available online if you wish to refer to them. As with the current course, they are split into sections on queueing theory, operational analysis and simulation

The second examples class will be held on Monday 6 November in the Hopkinson lecture room. I will be covering this work -- in each case, if you submit written answers via e-mail or to my pigeon hole by 5pm on the preceding Friday then I will have it marked before the class. My pigeon hole is the Tower 7 slot in the computer lab, or room 47T at Churchill. You are of course welcome to attend whether or not you have submitted written work.

Pearls of Modelling Wisdom

Roses are red
Violets are blue
When lambda is big then rho is too


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