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TLM 2.0 - Tiny Example - Memory SRAM Model

SRAM example: first define the socket in the .h file:

   tlm_utils::simple_target_socket port0;

Here is the constructor:

cbgram::cbgram(sc_module_name name, uint32_t mem_size, bool tracing_on, bool dmi_on): sc_module(name), port0("port0"), 
   latency(10, SC_NS), mem_size(mem_size), tracing_on(tracing_on), dmi_on(dmi_on) 
  mem = (uint8_t *)malloc(mem_size); // allocate memory
  // Register callback for incoming b_transport interface method call
  port0.register_b_transport(this, &cbgram::b_access);

And here is the guts of b_access:

void cbgram::b_access(tlm::tlm_generic_payload &trans, sc_time &delay)
  tlm::tlm_command cmd = trans.get_command();
  uint32_t   adr = (uint32_t)trans.get_address();
  uint8_t *  ptr = trans.get_data_ptr();
  uint32_t   len = trans.get_data_length();
  uint8_t *  lanes = trans.get_byte_enable_ptr();
  uint32_t   wid = trans.get_streaming_width();

 if (cmd == tlm::TLM_READ_COMMAND)
      ptr[0] = mem[adr];
  else ...

  trans.set_response_status( tlm::TLM_OK_RESPONSE);

Wire up the ports in the level above:


The full code is in the OR1K btlm-ref-design folder.

19: (C) 2008-13, DJ Greaves, University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory.