Student Projects: 2001

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If you are interested in attempting any of these projects then in the first instance contact Ian Pratt or Tim Harris, unless advised otherwise in the description.

We will be holding a meeting to describe these proposals in more detail at 2pm, Monday June 18th in TP4.

Mobile IP phone
Proxy for Mobile TCP/IP
Syncronization Compression
Crowbar: a protocol for opening holes in firewalls
Fun with solid-state accelerometers
Ethernet to IR transceiver
Location using AM radio signals
Mighty morphin' data structures
Fine-grained concurrency for the JVM
Workload monitoring
Simulation of active memories
Backwards debugger
Auto-tuning software
Executing code on untrusted servers: projects such as SETI@home have tried to distribute brute-force searching problems across large numbers of computers connected to the Internet. Such problems are typically broken into chunks of work. Clients take chunks from a central server and report back anything interesting that they find. However, league tables of users' contributions introduce an incentive to cheat by always reporting that nothing interesting is ever found: "the needle isn't in my part of the haystack". Such cheating is hard to detect because the fake answer is almost always correct.

This project involves designing and implementing some code-rewriting tools (e.g. at the level of Java bytecode) to introduce execution fingerprints which can either (i) be used by the server to get some assurance that the client actually ran the code, or (ii) be compared between multiple clients given the same chunk of work.

Meta NFS
An expert system for home automation
A peer-to-peer internet chat infrastructure

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