Student Projects: 2001

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If you are interested in attempting any of these projects then in the first instance contact Ian Pratt or Tim Harris, unless advised otherwise in the description.

We will be holding a meeting to describe these proposals in more detail at 2pm, Monday June 18th in TP4.

Mobile IP phone
Proxy for Mobile TCP/IP
Syncronization Compression
Crowbar: a protocol for opening holes in firewalls
Fun with solid-state accelerometers
Ethernet to IR transceiver
Location using AM radio signals
Mighty morphin' data structures
Fine-grained concurrency for the JVM
Workload monitoring
Simulation of active memories
Backwards debugger: traditional interactive debuggers are frustrating to use. When a programmer is trying to track down a problem they have to set breakpoints in the code, run the program until it reaches a breakpoint and then single-step through the code until they realize what is going wrong. They often have to single-step through hundreds of lines of code, or they have to re-run the program many times because the breakpoint is reached several times before the bug is seen.

A more natural way of working would be to single-step backwards through the code, tracing back from a point where the program has clearly gone wrong, towards the point at which it initially failed. One good approach could work by, rather than directly supporting reverse execution of every instruction, periodically checkpoint the user-space process state and roll forwards from one of these checkpoints.

Auto-tuning software
Executing code on untrusted servers
Meta NFS
An expert system for home automation
A peer-to-peer internet chat infrastructure

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