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Cambridge Systems at Scale (CamSaS)

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The Circe workflow manager runs workflows across multiple back-end frameworks, choosing the most optimal one automatically...

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With QJump, we are bringing guaranteed latency communication to data centre networks...

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Legacy OS abstractions from the 1970s do not scale to modern "warehouse-scale" data centres. DIOS is a new operating system designed for scalability and efficiency...

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Using CamIO allows applications writers to focus on the important aspects of writing application logic whilst ignoring the complexities of I/O management...

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Modern data centres, web applications and big data analytics require systems software to operate at unprecedented scale.

CamSaS is our initiative to build a systems software stack for the 21st century warehouse-scale data centres.

Twitter: @CamSysAtScale


Fulgurator: an energy-aware extension for Firmament

20 June 2014

Firmament has been extended with a new energy-aware scheduling policy that yields up to 20% power savings while maintaining SLAs in a highly heterogeneous ARM/x86 data centre environment.

Circe: now supporting Naiad

2 May 2014

We have recently extended Circe with prototype support for Naiad, a new big data framework from Microsoft Research.