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Login and Setup Shell Env Vars

If you wish to run the programs yourself, you will need a copy of SystemC. You can download your own to your own machine (from Accelera.org) or use the copy of SystemC on the MCS or use the ACS machines if an MPhil.

If you are running on MCS (PWF) linux, then set up as follows

  ssh -X linux.pwf.cl.cam.ac.uk (or login from console)
  export SOCDAM=/ux/clteach/SOCDAM
  export SYSTEMC=$SOCDAM/systemc-current
  export PATH=$PATH:$SOCDAM/bin  

Alternatively, put the defines listed below in a Makefile.inc file and included it as needed in the makefile for individual experiments. Or else use no setup at all and type every setting into every command line.

If you are running on CL MPhil linux, then env set up is roughly as follows

  ssh -X slogin-mphil.cl.cam.ac.uk (or login from console)
  export ARCH=x86_64
  export SOCDAM=/usr/groups/han/clteach/socdam
  export SYSTEMC=$SOCDAM/systemc-current
  export SYSCDIR=$SOCDAM/systemc-current
  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$SYSTEMC/lib-x86_64
Note that the name slogin-mphil is now perhaps replaced with svr-acs-00 or similar: see toolinfo page that is kept up-to-date. You may also need to run kinit once logged in to gain file server access. »ACS Toolinfo
2: (C) 2008-17, DJ Greaves, University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory.