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Talks in 1997/98

Talks are generally given on Fridays in term, although out of term dates are also available.

Michaelmas Term

Date Speaker Title
19th September Jockum von Wright Refinement Calculus Logic and Structured Derivations. Abstract
3rd October David Greaves Primitive Recursive Rules to Compile Behavioural Verilog into Finite State Machines. Abstract
10th October Luca Cattani Presheaf Models over Recursively Defined Path Categories. Abstract
13th October Mateja Jamnik Automation of Diagrammatic Reasoning Abstract
17th October Professor Chris Bishop Extra Wednesday Seminar
No LS seminar
24th October Guy McCusker Games, Factorizations, Definability and ML-style references Abstract
27th October Peter Dybjer From strong functional programming to large cardinals Abstract
31st October
4th November Luca Roversi A language for sharing computations Abstract
7th November
14th November Martin Escardo Real number computation, domain theory, and PCF Abstract
21st November Martyn Thomas Extra Wednesday Seminar
No LS seminar
28th November
5th December Nick Benton Compiling Standard ML into Java Bytecodes Abstract

Lent Term

Date Speaker Title
16th January
23rd January Graham Hutton Fold and Unfold for Program Semantics. Abstract
30th January J Robin B Cockett A categorical semantics for P-time. Abstract
6th February Andrew Pitts Parametric Polymorphism and Operational Equivalence. Abstract
16th February
in Discussion room
Andrew Stevens A Unifying Theory and its Mechanisation Abstract
20th February Eugenio Moggi Intensional semantics and parallel programming Abstract
27th February
6th March
13th March Martin Richards A tautology checker loosely related to Stalmarck's algorithm Abstract
20th March
in Discussion room
Dr. Michael A. Covington Defeasible Logic on an Embedded Microcontroller Abstract

Easter Term

Date Speaker Title
17th April Ralph Loader Combinators, Games and Higher-Order Matching Abstract
24th April Eric C. R. Hehner High-Level Circuit Design Abstract
1st May
8th May
15th May Dana Scott Logics of Types and Computation Abstract
Monday 18th May
in Discussion room at 2pm
Simon Mørk A Universal Reactive Machine for CCS Abstract
22nd May
29th May Dirk Van Heule The consequences of the choice of a Theorem Prover Abstract
5th June Harry Mairson Parallel beta reduction is not elementary recursive Abstract
12th June Andrew Martin Approaches to proof in Z Abstract
10th July Kohei Honda Game Theoretic Analysis of Call-by-value Computation Abstract
14th August Mike Steel Reconstruction of X-trees from subtrees Abstract

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