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 What we do


Complex Systems Research Limited was founded in 2005 as a vehicle for the commercialisation of the founder's patented technology in computer-communication network switches, routers, protocols and algorithms.


This commercialisation is being actively pursued via licensing or sale of the technology.


 The technology


The technology specifically centres around control of congestion, in a distributed, de-centralised, fair and scalable way, using the Distributed Scheduling Mechanism (DSM). It has wide applications in access networks, the middle-mile, customer-premise networks, and within and between private networks (data centres).


DSM is implemented in switches/routers, and does not involve any cross-network signalling. No per-flow or per-user state information is maintained in switches, so DSM can be said to be consistent with the end-to-end principle. Control is exercised locally based on local conditions, with no packet discard (in fact no buffer overflows in any of the DSM-capable switches), and no packet inspection, although priority queuing of uncontrolled traffic is supported. As part of the protocol, neighbouring capable switches employ link-level flow control between themselves; the result is that across the wider network DSM gives a kind of per-flow fairness – this fairness has characteristics that make it preferable to traditional max-min fairness.


The distributed, dynamic, robust, lossless nature of DSM provides many advantages over pure end-to-end congestion control methods.


 The Intellectual Property


Some of the relevant patents were the result of inventions made when the founder was a University employee. The Company has since acquired these patents, so that all intellectual property is owned in its entirety by the Company.


 Contact Us


You can find out more about the founder here, and you can contact him by email here.


Complex Systems Research Ltd, Unit 1, Cambridge House, Camboro Business Park, Oakington Road, Girton, Cambridge, CB3 0QH, United Kingdom