Vasileios Porpodas

Vasileios Porpodas
SC10 Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge
William Gates Building
15 J J Thomson Avenue
Cambridge CB3 0FD
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1223 763531

NOTE: This page is no longer maintained (3 December 2015).
I am a post-doctoral researcher in the Computer Architecture Group, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. I am working with Dr Timothy M. Jones's group.

I did my PhD at the Compilers and Architecture Group, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. My advisor was Professor Marcelo Cintra. My work was on code generation for scalable low-power VLIW processors (thesis).


My current work is on automatic vectorization. My research interests are on compiler optimizations and computer architecture. Some of the fields I am interested in and have worked on are: Most of my recent compiler-related work is implemented in commercial-grade compilers (GCC or LLVM).

Refereed Publications (DBLP)