Simon's Hacked LaTeX2e Classes for

Generating Documents Roughly Conforming To

The University House Style

Updated for 2001, Minor corrections in 2005


These classes were hacked together for my own personal use and have since been released to Computer Laboratory members AT THEIR OWN RISK! Actually the classes are reasonbaly robust and I've even received the a few notes of thanks.

The main letters class has been polished in early 2001 to remove a few bugs and add a few features.

People at other departments may wish to hack this LaTeX2e code to suit their own needs. Please feel free but please don't bore me with lots of questions. In particular, any questions which result from people not even bothering to read the examples will be binned without a second thought. You will need to ensure that your LaTeX system supports Sabon (available from font and the University letter head eps files (CUni3.eps and BWUni3.eps contained in and which can be found here) need to be in a place where dvips can find them.

If you'd like to use ``pdflatex'' rather than ``latex'' then edit the class to remove the ``.eps'' suffex on the crest filenames (in \cuarms and \bwarms) and make pdf versions of the crests (e.g. using epstopdf). Thanks to Stephen Eglen at DAMPT for suggesting this.

I hope the classes save you time in the long run.





Manual for Letter Class

This letter class roughly conforms to the official university House Style Guidelines. I have made a few modifications:

To begin a letter use (replacing the path to lablet2001 with something appropriate if you're not using the Computer Laboratory system):


The class has three options:

So, for example, if you want quick previewing with xdvi and B&W arms for use with a B&W printer then use:


After the \begin{document} you must then specify who you are using the command:

\fromwhome{your name}{qualifications}{title}{email}{phone}{fax}

For example:

\fromwhom{Simon~Moore}{, MEng, CEng, PhD}{University Lecturer}
    {}{+44 1223 334657}{+44 1223 334678}

Note that you can leave the qualifications part blank if you prefer but if you wish to include qualifications then please remember to start with a ', ' as demonstrated above.

You may then start a letter using:

\begin{letter}{name}{address\\of the\\recipient}

Then type you letter in as usual and finish with:


Note that in this form the recipient's name is added to the top of the address. If you do not want this to happen then use the letternoname form, e.g.:

    {Senior Tutor\\Wolfson College\\Cambridge}
. . .

The \end{letter} or \end{letternoname} adds ``Yours sincerely,'' followed by a gap and your name. You may modify this behaviour by using the following command before the\end{letter}:


For example:

\setsigned{Yours faithfully,}{Dr S.~W.~Moore\\Director of Studies}

Or you could just set the salutation (new in 2001 version) using:


You may also add a carbon copy (cc) list, vis:


You may also add an enclosures list (new in 2001 version), vis:

\enclosures{this\\that\\the other}

To add a reference number (new in 2001 version), vis:

\reference{Your ref: 1234/ABCD}

To add a title:

\lettertitle{title of letter}

which just adds a boldfaced, centred line which can be handy if you wish to add a title after the ``Dear'' and before you begin the letter.

And finally to set the date by hand use, for example:

\setdate{31\textsuperscript{st} March, 2001}

Many thanks to Martyn Johnson and Robin Fairburns for ensuring that the Sabon font works with the Computer Lab. LATEX2e system. You will find, however, that ghostview does not preview Sabon correctly, though it is adequate for proof reading. If it is imperative that previewing works well then used the ``usecmfont'' option to the class (see above).

Simon Moore 2005-12-16