Screentimelock is a utility for GNU screen which allows the user to lock the terminal for a time period. This is to help avoid distractions, and reduce the temptation to be side-tracked by other activities. By default screentimelock will lock the terminal until the next hour, e.g. if it is activated at 7:15. it will unlock at 8:00.


Download screentimelock 0.1


Set the LOCKPRG environment variable to be the path to screentimelock. Alternatively, if you are using the bash shell, create an alias to screen by adding the following line (replacing $HOME/path/to/ with the right value) to your .bashrc configuration file:
alias screen='LOCKPRG=$HOME/path/to/screentimelock screen'


To modify the maximum locking time (default 1 hour) or the frequency of notifications (default 5 minutes), edit the variables in the “Configuration parameters” section of the script.


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