The Privila network

This graph shows interconnections between sites and authors in the Privila network. More details on how the data was collected can be found in my blog post "Mapping the Privila network" and there is further background from Richard Clayton in "The interns of Privila".

The visualization software requires Java, version 5 or later, and is based on the GraphView demonstration of the Prefuse toolkit. It represents the state of the Privila network as of 2007-08-30. Usage instructions are included below.

If you can read this text, the applet is not working. Perhaps you don't have the Java 1.5 (or later) web plug-in installed?

Get Java here.


Each node represents either a site (green) or author (purple). Links are between sites and authors, indicating on which sites an author's articles are published. Only nodes within a customizable number of hops from the selected node (red) are shown.

Left-click on a node
Select this node and fix its position
Double-click on a site (green) node
Open the site in a new window (if you have a pop-up blocker this may need to be disabled)
Hover over a node
Highlight linked nodes (orange); show number of articles and sites/authors in a tooltip
Right-click anywhere
Fit all nodes within window
Left-click and drag a node
Move a node
Left-click and drag elsewhere on the window
Scroll the window
Right-click and drag up/down or mouse-wheel scroll
Zoom in and out

Change the parameters on the right to control the layout. The "Distance" slider alters the hop-count limit from the selected node, used for selecting which nodes to display


Source code

The source code (3.5K) for the Java applet is available. It requires the Perfuse toolkit to compile.

Data file

The data file (23K, compressed XML) which underlies the visualization can be downloaded in GraphML format. Comments within the file explain its structure. This data was collected on 2007-08-30.

Steven J. Murdoch