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Seb Aebischer

I am a Research Assistant in the Pico project, which, under the guidance of the great Frank Stajano, aims to liberate humanity from passwords. Fields of interest include security in general, Android development, and graphics and user interface design. My final-year dissertation project was a Motorola 68k emulator capable of running Palm OS on my smartphone. You can read it here.

Recent work

We recently wrote a paper on our collaboration with Gyazo to deploy Pico to a real-life web service, which was presented at EuroUSEC 2017:
Seb Aebischer, Claudio Dettoni, Graeme Jenkinson, Kat Krol, David Llewellyn-Jones, Toshiyuki Masui & Frank Stajano (2017). “Pico in the Wild: Replacing Passwords, One Site at a Time”. European Workshop on Usable Security (EuroUSEC 2017) [paper and blogpost]


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