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University of Cambridge
Department of Computer Science and Technology
Computer Laboratory
William Gates Building
15 JJ Thomson Avenue
Cambridge CB3 0FD

Details on how to find the department can be found here.


+44 (0)1223 763725 (lab)
+44 (0)1223 338452 (college)


On request


sbh11 at

Of course, you'll need to remove the ".xx" from the end and replace "at" with "@". Unless you feel like sending me spam, in which case just GET A LIFE.

Notes on the subject of sending email

And now for a short rant...

  1. Please send only plain text whenever possible. There is very little that can't be communicated this way.
  2. If you need to attach something, portable document format (.pdf) are fine.
  3. Please don't send me Microsoft Word files. I have at least once in the past received a PhD enquiry in this format which turned out to contain a virus. Consequently if I don't know you I just won't read it, and if I do I will get annoyed because I have to faff about starting up something that will display it. Everyone on the planet can read .pdf files. People who want to read Word files need an expensive piece of proprietory software, or at best a free piece of software that's much slower to start up and much less convenient than an automatically opened .pdf reader.
  4. Switch off all the daft html formatting. (And a terrible curse let there be on whoever thought of it in the first place.) It generally adds nothing, and makes your mail more likely to get binned by my SPAM filter.
  5. Don't send me things that you consider confidential.
  6. I do not agree in advance to any long legal statement that's attached to the end of your message. By the time I get to it I've already read the message, and it's therefore a bit too late.
  7. Most important of all: if you want to work with me as a PhD student then read my research page and my advice to PhD applicants first. It really doesn't help your case if you clearly don't know what areas I work on.