Supervision Information for Part 1A CST and NST

The following timetable summarizes the supervision preparation work for the Michaelmas Term 2019. Please complete this work before attending the supervision for the relevant week and bring it to the supervision with you.

Week 1 starts on Monday 7th October.

An important note for this year...

This year the language used to teach Foundations of Computer Science has changed from ML to OCaml. (Don't ask me why - I'm not sure I've heard a convincing reason!) While these languages are very closely related, and for the purposes of this course the change is essentially one of minor elements of syntax, it does present a problem: we have many years of past exam questions devoted to ML. I am promised that these will be edited to use OCaml, so I hope that by the time you get started that change will be in place, so it should not be a problem. A second issue is also present: the update of the course means that my carefully-prepared schedule might not quite line up with the new version of the course. I hope they don't diverge too much - we'll deal with that as we go along.

Past exam papers can be found here. They are identified below using the format year-paper-question, so for example 2011-1-2 denotes Paper 1, Question 2 from 2011.

A small amount of web searching will no doubt lead to the discovery that solution notes for past exam questions are available. DO NOT READ THESE until AFTER the work is covered in supervisions. If you read them beforehand, then I reserve the right to (a) get VERY cross and (b) make you redo the question using a fiendish alternative approach of my own choosing. Why? My reasons are explained here.