Computer Laboratory

Simon Baker

I am a research associate (postdoc) at the Language Technology Lab (LTL). I also collaborate with the Natural Language and Information Processing (NLIP) group at the Computer Laboratory.

My current research interests include: information extraction, text mining, and related applications such as automatic Literature-based Discovery (LBD). I work largely in the biomedical domain.


I maintain a Google Scholar profile and a ResearchGate profile, which list my publications.


I co-lecture the Biomedical Information Processing course in the ACS MPhil Program. In the past I have supervised the following:

  • Part 1A: Object Oriented Programming
  • Part 1B: Software Engineering
  • Part 1B: Further Java
  • Part II: Research (3rd year) projects
  • 3F6: Software Engineering and Design (Department of Engineering)

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