Computer Laboratory

Stephen Cummins

Project Ideas for Students

The following ideas could provide the basis for a Part II project. If any students would like to discuss them further or any other ideas they might have please email me. I would be prepared to supervise these projects as well.

Please note: If you would like to do a project I have suggested from a previous year please let me know. There are varients we can discuss.


  • Dot planning - Automatic placement of resources on geospatial schematics - Full Description
  • A question recommendation system for an education platform - TBC
  • Automatic placement of events on an event schedule for a large event e.g. the Olympics - Full Description


  • Use of machine learning to predict malicious behaviour on an educational platform - Full Description
  • Implementing multi-key homomorphic encryption - Full Description
  • Building a contact tracing application using Homomorphic Encryption - TBC


  • Automatic Geo-referencing of Architectural Drawings for Indoor Mapping - Full Description
  • Crowd Visualisation / Simulation in a Web Browser - Full Description
  • Securing graph data in the cloud - Exploring homomorphic encryption tools and graph data - Full Description

Taken ideas - There is no rule preventing you from doing the same project as someone else, so if you really like one of the ideas it shouldn't stop you from approaching another supervisor.