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Ramsey Faragher


Ramsey Faragher

I used to be a Senior Research Associate in the Digital Technology Group of the Computer Laboratory, but am now the Founder and CEO of Focal Point Positioning. I'm also a Bye Fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge, a Fellow of Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN), Associate Editor of the RIN journal, and a Chartered Physicist.

Previously I was a Principal Scientist at BAE Systems where I developed technologies such as the NAVSOP suite of positioning systems. I was also the real life Q, according to Top Gear magazine at least....

I hold three degrees in Physics from the University of Cambridge, including a PhD in the Effects of Multipath Interference on Radio Positioning Systems.

In 2015 I was awarded the Samuel Burka award from the Institute of Navigation.

Research Interests

My research during my time at the computer lab concentrated on Infrastructure-free Indoor Positioning, Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM), and Improvements to Smartphone Sensing.
My further interests include: Navigation using Signals of Opportunity, GPS-denied Navigation, Machine Learning, Digital Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion,Wireless Security, Software-Defined Radio, and Autonomy.



I supervise seven courses for Computer Science students at Queens' College.

The IEEE Signal Processing Society asked me to record one of my publications (an introduction to the Kalman Filter) as a video lecture. The lecture can be viewed here.

Contact Information

Ramsey Faragher
Queens' College
Silver Street
Cambridge CB3 9ET
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1223 769361
Email: rmf25 [at]