Workshop on Security and Human Behaviour (SHB 2010)

June 28-29, Cambridge – Schedule

Here is the liveblog of the workshop, including a link to the audio recordings of the proceedings. Links to papers and to speakers' home pages are below.

We are exremely grateful to Microsoft Research, Thales, Google, Juniper and HP Labs for generously sponsoring this event.


The workshop was held in Lecture Theatre 2 of the Computer Laboratory, JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge.

    June 27

    Punt party on the lower river &ndash excursions at 12 and at 2pm.

    Conference registration, welcome reception and buffet meal (1900-2100) on the Garden Terrace of Robinson College, Cambridge.

    June 28

  1. Session 1 (0900-1030): Deception
  2. Session 2 (1100-1230): Foundations
  3. Session 3 (1400-1530): Fraud
  4. Session 4 (1600-1730): Culture, risk and fear

    Conference banquet (1900-2200): Magdalene College

    June 29

  5. Session 5 (0900-1030): Usability
  6. Session 6 (1100-1230): Methodology
  7. Session 7 (1400-1530): Privacy
  8. Session 8 (1600-1730): How do we fix the world?

Dinner (1900-2100): The Garden Restaurant, Robinson College

Session chairs:

  • Caspar Bowden, Microsoft
  • Jon Callas, ICTY
  • Ben Laurie, Google
  • Brian LaMacchia, Microsoft
  • Nicko van Someren, Juniper Networks
  • Christof Paar, Bochum
  • Martin Sadler, HP Labs

    For what happened at the first two workshops, see the liveblogs for 2008 liveblog and 2009; these have links to papers, attendees and audio recordings.