Scrambling for Safety (video)

January 7, 2016
Safra Lecture Theatre
Kings College London

The UK Government is consulting on an Investigatory Powers Bill. As our contrubution to this debate, a number of NGOs and academics are organising the tenth Scrambling for Safety conference in London on January 7th. The conference is open to the public, but all tickets are now sold; it will be streamed via the website of the Open Rights Group (which has a video of the event now the event is over).

The were nine previous Scrambling for Safety conferences organised while the UK government was considering the RIP Act and the regulations that followed it. The goal was, and is, to bring together different stakeholders interested in surveillance policy for an open exchange of views.

12:45 Registration

13:15 WelcomeProfessor Jennifer Rubin

13:20 IntroductionPaul Strasburger, House of Lords

13:25 First panel – Interception and traffic data retention

14:30 Second panel – Equipment interference

15:30 Networking break – tea and coffee

16:00 Remembering Caspar Bowden (starts at 2:10:20 in the video)

16:10 Third panel – Boundaries, transparency and oversight

17:15 Wrap up – Julian Huppert

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Hashtag #SFS2016