Campaign for Cambridge Freedoms

Rebuttal of the Vice-Chancellor's Arguments

At present, academics at Cambridge University own all the intellectual property we create, with a few narrow exceptions. A policy change proposed by Cambridge University's Vice-Chancellor will reverse this; if it passes the Regent House, the University will claim ownership of all our intellectual property, with a few narrow exceptions. This will have serious consequences for academics, for the student body and for the wider community.

In this document, I marshall and rebut the arguments used by the Vice-Chancellor's faction for the change.

The Discussion in the Regent House continues. It started on the 15th October and was adjourned for a week when time ran out. The first day's proceedings are reported by the BBC here. So please turn up on the 22nd if you still want to say your piece.

For more information, please read our detailed analysis of the proposed changes, and the main campaign web page.