The Donald MacDonald Manuscript

This manuscript was compiled by Donald MacDonald, who published the first collection of piobaireachd in 1820. The manuscript was his draft for a second book that unfortunately never appeared. Roderick Cannon and I scanned a copy of the manuscript, and here it is.

Front matter, including index to the tunes
pp 1-5: James William Grant's Salute / The Elchies Salute
pp 6-10: Earl of Ross's March
pp 11-12: Bodach ne Sligachin
pp 13-19: Thanig mo righ sa air tir am Muideart (My king has landed in Moidart)
pp 20-27: John Garve MacLeod of Rasay's lament
pp 25-27: Alastair Charich's March
pp 28-30: The MacLean's Gathering
pp 31-35: Castle Menzies / Fraser's Salute
pp 36-40: MacDonald of the Isles' Salute
pp 41-45: Old Sword's Lament
pp 46-52: The Bells of Perth
pp 53-58: Lament for the Death of John MacLeod
pp 59-63: Praise of Marion
pp 64-72: Lament for Donald Ban MacCruimen
pp 73-75: Gathering of the MacDonalds of Clanranald
pp 76-82: MacIntosh's Lament
pp 83-87: Lament for MacSuain of Roaig
pp 88-93: Lament for Finlay
pp 94-97: Lament for MacDonald of Glengary
pp 98-102: MacDonald's Warning
pp 103-108: Cheerful Scotland
pp 109-113: The Only Son's Lament
pp 114-118: Lament for MacLean
pp 119-124: Massacre of Glencoe
pp 125-131: Salute to the Chief of Menzies
pp 132-138: The Sutherlands' March
pp 139-143: An Daorach Mheanach (The Middling Spree)
pp 144-149: An Daorach Mhor (The Big Spree)
pp 150-156: MacLeod's Rowing Piobaireachd (Salute)
pp 157-160: Mackenzies' Gathering
pp 161-167: The Blue Ribbon
pp 168-174: Angus MacDonald's Attack on the MacDougalls
pp 175-183: Young George's Salute
pp 184-189: MacNiel of Barray's March
pp 190-198: The Union
pp 201-206: The White Flag
pp 207-215: Lament for the Tree of Hundreds
pp 216-222: Chisholm's Salute
pp 223-228: An Intended Lament
pp 229-235: Lament for Great John MacLean
pp 236-239: A MacDonald's March
pp 240-244: Cogath na Sith (War or Peace)
pp 245-248: Duke of Argyll's Salute
pp 249-253: Away to Your Tribe Ewen
pp 254-257: The Battle of Maulroy / You of the Long Kail Down the Brae with You
pp 258-261: An t arm breachd derg, Se'n t'arm mharbh me
pp 262-267: The Blue Ribbon (The Grants')
pp 268-270: Nameless (The Park Piobaireachd no 2)
pp 271-276: The Children's Lament
pp 277-282: Cumhadh Cleibhair / Lament for the Death of General Cleaver
Roderick, and Keith Sanger, have now produced a new edition of his published book for the Society, and their website should soon have a scan of the first edition (it already has the Hannay-MacAuslan Manuscript which appears to have been one of MacDonald's sources.) Roderick is now working on a printed edition of this manuscript. In each case the online scan gives you a raw facsimile of the original document, while the printed edition contains a complete reference with historical background material, analysis, and a modern performing edition of the music.

For more on piobaireachd, see the Wikipedia entry, and the Piobaireachd Society. For sound samples, listen to John MacDonald of Inverness playing the Lament for Patrick Og MacCrimmon and the Lament for the Children (recorded in 1927 and 1929 respectively).

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Ross Anderson