This is the website for the HashCaml language, an extension of the OCaml bytecode compiler with support for type-safe marshalling and related naming features. See the README for more details. HashCaml builds on earlier work on Acute but is a distinct language design and implementation.



An alpha release of the HashCaml source is now available. This software is considered experimental and may well contain serious bugs. Comment and feedback would be appreciated.

Bug reports

HashCaml.bugs contains a list of known issues.

Any further bug reports should be sent to:

  cl-hashcaml-bugs AT lists.cam.ac.uk


The HashCaml distribution contains the DCL, an implementation of a type-safe, distributed communications library. The DCL README contains a detailed overview of the features.

See dChan.mli for the interface, and test.ml for a usage example.


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