Computer Laboratory

Dr. Neal Lathia


I am a Senior Research Associate in the Networks and Operating Systems Group of Cambridge University's Computer Laboratory.

My research is all about collecting and using data for health behaviour monitoring and change, using Emotion Sense. I am developing and analysing the Emotion Sense app with Gillian Sandstrom, Jason Rentfrow, and Cecilia Mascolo. I'm using the same system to build Q Sense, a sensing-powered smoking cessation smartphone app, with Cecilia, Felix Naughton, and Stephen Sutton. If you're interested in running your own smartphone studies that collect the same kind of data, check out our open source code and the Easy M app and web site that Chloë Brown is building with me.

My research to date falls somewhere in the intersection of data mining, mobile systems, ubiquitous/pervasive systems, and personalisation/ recommender systems, applied to a variety of contexts where we measure human behaviour by their digital footprints. You can find my research blog here. If you're looking for my consulting work, it's here.


Prior to joining the Computer Lab, I was a Research Associate in the Department of Computer Science at University College London. I researched personalisation in mobile/public transport contexts as part of the EC i-Tour project, with Licia Capra.

I also obtained my PhD from University College London (supervised by: Stephen Hailes and Licia Capra), funded by the EPSRC Utiforo project: my doctoral work centred around online recommender systems and evaluating collaborative filtering algorithms over time.


  • April 2015: Advait's work on shared bicycle systems has been published in Transportation.
  • January 2015: Q Sense is featured in the latest MRC Network Magazine.
  • January 2015: Emotion Sense i-Teams project launching!
  • October 2014: Paper on public transport crowd-sourcing to appear at Mobiquitous 2014
  • September 2014: Chapter on mobile recommender systems accepted to the 2nd edition of the Recommender Systems Handbook
  • August 2014: Android Q Sense study launching. Smoker who wants to quit in the Cambridge/London area? Join us!
  • July 2014: PLOS One paper (lead by Chloë) accepted.

Contact Information

Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge
William Gates Building
15 JJ Thompson Avenue
Cambridge CB3 0FD

Computer Laboratory Office: FN01
Twitter: @neal_lathia


You can find me online on: twitter, LinkedIn, Google Scholar, wordpress, slideshare Google+, Quora,, goodreads, Mendeley.

I have also set up two google groups: one for researchers interested in Shared Bicycle Systems and another one for all researchers who study Public Transport in London (e.g., Oyster card data).