VSPL is a very simple programming language designed to be used as a case study for comparing different ways of implementing a compiler. It currently has an implementation in BCPL but others are planned including ones in C, C++, Java and one using Lex and Yacc.

This machine independent interpretive implementation of BCPL is available free of charge for private and academic purposes. If you would like to install it on your machine, have a look at the distribution README file and obtain a copy of vspl.tgz. or vspl.zip. Right click on the link then select the menu item "Save Target As...", but be aware that your browser may (silently) decompress the compressed file. So vspl.tgz may arrive as a .tar file, in which case it should be decompressed using: "tar xvf vspl.tgz".

The sizes and dates of creation of these files can be found in FILES.


This distribution is new and still under development.

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Martin Richards, 31 October 2003