Musprogs holds various BCPL programs concerned with sampled and MIDI sound and ultimately a program to act as an automatic friendly accompanist to (typically) a solo player. This is currently under the very early stages of development and will not be ready for some time (years!). My initial plan is to use a USB ribbon microphone for input, a USB connection to a Roland SonicCell with the SRX-6 (Complete Orchestra) extension board and run the program under Windows XP using Cintpos and the MC package (for the time critical signal processing). I will use my own ASCII representation of the score (somewhat influenced by that used in Lilypond). For several reasons, I am not expecting to use FFT for the realtime analysis of the sound input.

Some documentation can be found in README file.

To obtain a copy of the Musprogs programs, click on musprogs.tgz. or

Right click on the link then select the menu item "Save Target As...", but be aware that your browser may (silently) decompress the compressed file. So musprogs.tgz may arrive as a .tar file, in which case it should be decompressed using: "tar xvf musprogs.tgz" rather than the more normal "tar zxvf musprogs.tgz".

The sizes and dates of creation of these files can be found in FILES.


This distribution is new and very incomplete.

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