In recent years many people have kindly offered me translations of this page into other languages and I have added links to the web pages. Unfortunately I am no longer permitted by the Computer Lab to include such links and so have had to disable the link below.

MCPL is a simple typeless language which is based on BCPL. It makes extensive use of pattern matching somewhat related to that used in ML and Prolog, and some other features come from C. An MCPL manual is available by clicking on mcplman.pdf.

An interpretive implementation of MCPL has been developed in a style similar to the BCPL Cintcode implementation. It currently works well enough to run several demonstration programs. Experimental native code versions for Linux and the DEC Alpha are included as part of this distribution.

Free Distribution

These implementations of MCPL are available free of charge for private and academic purposes. If you would like to install it on your machine, have a look at the README file and right click to obtain a copy of mcpl.tgz or Under Internet Explorer use the menu item "Save Target As..." and under Firefox use the item "Save Link As..." making sure the name of the saved file is mcpl.tgz.

The sizes and dates of creation of these files can be found in FILES.

In order to compile MCPL programs you will need a recent version of the BCPL Cintcode System.


This distribution is new and still under development. It is unpolished, seriously short of documentation and only tested under Linux. Even so, it may still be of interest.

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Martin Richards, 30 August 2006