The GP2X is a handheld Linux based gaming machine containing two ARM processors and a 320x240 colour display. It is normally controlled using gaming style buttons and an 8-way joystick, although it can be driven via a USB serial connection. By attaching a power USB Hub to the machine's EXT connector, it can also host USB ports allowing the machine to keyboards, disc, etc. My machine has a 2 Gbyte SD memory card that I can edit using a PC card adapter on my laptop. By this means I have written and transferred a terminal emulator called Joyterm and both BCPL Cintcode and Cintpos to it. The BCPL software will soon be available via the standard BCPL and Cintpos distributions and Joyterm is available from the links below.

First click on README, then check the date of creation and file sizes by clicking on FILES.

To obtain a copy of Joyterm and other items, right click on gp2x.tgz. or

Right click on the link then select the menu item "Save Target As...", but be aware that your browser may (silently) decompress the compressed file. So gp2x.tgz may arrive as a .tar file, in which case it should be decompressed using: "tar xvf gp2x.tgz" rather than the more normal "tar zxvf gp2x.tgz".

For more information about Joyterm click on JT_README.


This distribution is new and probably contains bugs.

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Martin Richards, updated 6 July 2006