This distribution is still under development. This distribution contains the source of the BCPL compiler as it was at MIT's project MAC in June 1968. It ran under CTSS on an IBM 7094 computer. This distribution also contains a modified version of the compiler that runs under the current 64-bit Cintcode BCPL System. 64-bits are needed since the 7094 was a 36-bit machine. At the time BCPL used the rather restrictive 6-bit character set of CTSS with characters such as '<', '>' and '!' missing, but the structure of the compiler is similar to current BCPL compilers using recursive descent parsing and an early version of OCODE. The program bcplctss generates either FAP assembly language or BSS.

If you would like to install BCPLCTSS on your machine, have a look at the distribution README file and obtain a copy of bcplctss.tgz. or vspl.zip. Right click on the link then select the menu item "Save Target As...", but be aware that your browser may (silently) decompress the compressed file. So bcplctss.tgz may arrive as a .tar file, in which case it should be decompressed using: "tar xvf bcplctss.tgz".

The sizes and dates of creation of these files can be found in FILES.


This distribution is new and still under development.

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Martin Richards, 31 October 2016