Urgent Unicode support contributions for X11R6

With the rapid introduction of UCS (ISO 10646) / Unicode as the primary character set in many programming environments (Win32, WWW, Java, XML, Perl, Python, TCL, Ada95, etc.) the lack of proper support for ISO 10646 in X11 has become the single most significant shortcoming of the X11 platform and sample implementation today. Unicode support needs to be addressed with highest priority in forthcoming X11 sample implementation releases.

XFree86 has worked over the past two years in order to find solutions for at least the most urgent ISO 10646 related shortcomings of X11.

Three very simple aspects of this work are now stable, widely-reviewed, uncontroversial and ready for immediate integration into X11R6:

Other aspects of X11 and UCS that should be addressed in X11R6.6.1 as well, but for which we do not submit patches at this time:

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Markus Kuhn
created 2001-03-27 -- last modified 2001-05-05 -- http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/ucs/xorg.html