Ukko Cluster Monitor


This code snippet can be used to monitor the Ukko cluster in the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki. Ukko cluster is a fundamental high performance computing facility shared by all the researchers and students in the CS department. Every day, there are various experiments and tasks performed on Ukko.

This lightweight monitor can provide you with basic realtime stats of Ukko cluster. The software uses about 60KiB/s of your bandwidth.

How to run it?

Make sure you run it within our department network, or you cannot receive any state updates of the nodes. What's more, make sure you have wxPython installed on you machine. If you run the application on Melkki or on the department workstations, then you needn't worry about this issue since the wxPython has already been installed.

Last but not least, it is recommended that you run the application on a machine with large display. Since the application will detect the size of the display area, if the display area is too small, some stats will be hidden and only summary information will be shown. So, please maximize the application when you run it, :)

Download the Monitor, run python , then enjoy! :)

If you still have problems or suggestions, please email me at Liang.Wang [at]


Source Code