Lecture Courses

Courses offered this year

  1. Foundations of Computer Science
    12 lectures on programming, using ML
    This is the first computer science course taken by Cambridge undergraduates.
  2. ML Practical Classes
    Four laboratory sessions, held on Thursday afternoons, to support Foundations of Computer Science
  3. Logic and Proof
    12 lectures on computational logic and automatic theorem proving, for second-year students
  4. Interactive Formal Verification
    12 lectures and 4 practical classes
    This Master's-level course teaches how to use the Isabelle system.

Past courses

  1. Foundations of Computer Science (the original 15-lecture version)
  2. Foundations of Functional Programming (lambda calculus and combinators).
  3. Introduction to Functional Programming (12 lectures on ML)
  4. Software Engineering I (6 lectures)
  5. Software Engineering II (6 lectures)
  6. Problem Solving in ML (6 lectures)

Last revised: 16 March, 2015

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