Notes on Compatibility

The sample programs rely on the Standard ML Basis Library.

Starting with Chapter 7, they also rely (to a minor extent) on recent changes to ML itself. I am distributing the code in a form suitable for up-to-date ML compilers, alongside versions of the programs for chapters 3, 8 and 10 for use with older compilers.Older compilers (pre-1998) might be incompatible in three respects:

Complicating matters further, in 2004 the ML Basis Library was modified slightly. Compilers compliant with the changes reject a few of the functions presented in the book. To address this issue, post-2004 versions of the code for chapters 8 and 9 are provided.

Later chapters sometimes refer to code presented in earlier chapters. However, if you compile the code for all the chapters in order, there should be no compilation errors.

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