Other Quotations

All bears dream: but not equally:
Those who dream by night in the dusty
honey pots of their minds find that it comes to
nothing but marmalade: but the dreamers
of the day are dangerous bears, for they stow away
to act their dreams with wide-brimmed hats
and red wellingtons, and make anything possible.

Yogi Bear, The Seven Pillows of Wisdom
[and Jan Levi, 'A Sticky Situation,' High Mountain Sports, February 2001, No 219, pp. 48-50]

All the world's a database,
And all the men and women merely rows:
They have their INSERTs and their DELETs;
And one man in his time forms many JOINs.

JW, with apologies to WS

I appear to be a firework:

JW35 Thunder Rain firework