Here are a selection of documents that I've written. None should be considered 'official' Computing Service documents. Beware that some are incomplete, and some may be out-of-date - take note of the last revision date at the bottom of (some) files.

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[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory [   ] CA_and_cert_notes [TXT] HEADER.html Index of ~jw35/docs/ [TXT] ISOLatin1.html ISO Latin-1 Character Set [   ] ISOLatin1.pdf ISO Latin-1 Character Set in pdf format [TXT] README.html [TXT] alt-tag-test.html Alt tag test [DIR] ansible/ [TXT] browser-config-tester.html The Cambridge Browser Config tester [TXT] camcard-linux.html Accessing the Cambridge University Smartcard from Linux [TXT] cross-site-demo.html Cross-site scripting/character encoding demo [TXT] doing_ssl.html Doing https: (http over SSL) [   ] fonts.alias ... see ms-fonts.html [TXT] gif_patent.html The Unisys LZW Patent and GIF files [TXT] globalsign.html Globalsign Webserver Certificates [TXT] google_search.html Google search tips [DIR] img/ Assorted images used by the docs [   ] it-liaison-20030618.sxi [TXT] little-boxes1.html Little Boxes 1 [TXT] little-boxes2.html Little Boxes 2 [TXT] ms-fonts.html Microsoft Fonts and RedHat Linux [TXT] netmask-table.html Jon's Netmask Table [   ] netmask-table.pdf Jon's Netmask Table in pdf format [TXT] one-click-validate.html One Click HTML Validation [TXT] perl-modules.html Jon's farourate Perl modules [TXT] perl_advent.html The Perl Advent Calendar [TXT] php-mail.html Sending e-mail from PHP - in Cambridge [TXT] pwd_example.html Example of a Password Form [   ] requisition_form_3.0.pdf [   ] [   ] requisition_form_3.0.xls [TXT] rpm_config.html RPM, %config, and (noreplace) [IMG] ss-tuesday.png [TXT] ssl_slides.html Slides from a talk on SSL [TXT] temporary-nets-in-cam.html Temporary 'nets-in-cam' definition [TXT] test-dos.txt DOS format text file <cr><lf> line ends [TXT] test-mac.txt Mac format text file <cr> line ends [TXT] test-unix.txt Unix format text file <lf> line ends [   ] ucs-uis-mail-diff.pdf [TXT] zz.txt