Computer Laboratory

Jingjing Shen

I am a PhD student in the Rainbow Group and my supervisor is Prof. Neil Dodgson. I work with Dr Jiří Kosinka and Malcolm Sabin.

My PhD research focus on computer graphics and geometric modeling. My current project is about converting trimmed NURBS surfaces to subdivision surfaces. I'm also interested in quad remeshing, image processing, crowd and traffic animation.

I was a Research Intern in Microsoft Research Cambridge from June to October, 2015. I worked on a project that focuses on the performance comparison of various types of surface representations in a set of optimization tasks.

In 2014, I visited the Inria research center at Sophia Antipolis for four months. I was supervised by Pierre Alliez and Laurent Busé, working on isotropic triangle meshing of trimmed NURBS models.

Contact details

Email: js2036 (at)
Telephone: +44-1223-763-698