loadt : string -> unit

Finds a file on the load path and loads it.

The function loadt takes a string indicating an OCaml file name as argument and loads it. If the filename is relative, it is found on the load path load_path, and it is then loaded, updating the list of loaded files.

loadt will fail if the file named by the argument does not exist in the search path. It will of course fail if the file is not a valid OCaml file. Failure in the OCaml file will also terminate loading.

If we have an ML file called foo.ml on the load path, e.g. in the current directory, which contains the line
   let x=2+2;;
this can be loaded as follows:
   # loadt "foo.ml";;
and the system would respond with:
  # loadt "foo.ml";;
  val x : int = 4
  val it : unit = ()

load_path, loads, needs.