inductive_type_store : (string * (int * thm * thm)) list ref

List of inductive types defined with corresponding theorems.

The reference variable inductive_type_store holds an association list that associates with the name of each inductive type defined so far (e.g. "list" or "1") a triple: the number of constructors, the induction theorem and the recursion theorem for it. The two theorems are exactly of the form returned by define_type.

Not applicable.

This example is characteristic:
  # assoc "list" (!inductive_type_store);;
  val it : int * thm * thm =
    (2, |- !P. P [] /\ (!a0 a1. P a1 ==> P (CONS a0 a1)) ==> (!x. P x),
     |- !NIL' CONS'.
            ?fn. fn [] = NIL' /\
                 (!a0 a1. fn (CONS a0 a1) = CONS' a0 a1 (fn a1)))
while the following shows that there is an entry for the Boolean type, for the sake of regularity, even though it is not normally considered an inductive type:
  # assoc "bool" (!inductive_type_store);;
  val it : int * thm * thm =
    (2, |- !P. P F /\ P T ==> (!x. P x), |- !a b. ?f. f F = a /\ f T = b)

This list is mainly for internal use. For example it is employed by define to automatically prove the existence of recursive functions over inductive types. Users may find the information helpful to implement their own proof tools. However, while the list may be inspected, it should not be modified explicitly or there may be unwanted side-effects on define.

define, define_type, new_recursive_definition, prove_recursive_functions_exist.