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Jonathan Hayman

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Welcome to my home-page.

I am a Research Associate within the Theory and Semantics Group of the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge working on the ERC Project ECSYM. I am also the Director of Studies in Computer Science at Emmanuel College. I completed my PhD titled Petri net semantics in 2009 under Glynn Winskel and am currently working on the relationship between process logics and independence models.  I have also previously worked at ENS/INRIA in Paris with Jérôme Feret and, long ago, was a student with Philippa Gardner at Imperial College. My specific interests include:


Set Theory for Computer Science - MPhil ACS course. Michaelmas term 2010-11.

Topics in Concurrency - Part II course. Easter term 2010-11. Lent term 2012-13, 2014-2016

Advanced Topics in Concurrency - MPhil ACS course. Easter term 2010-11.


Strategies as concurrent processes. With Simon Castellan, Marc Lasson and Glynn Winskel.
MFPS XXX. [pdf]

Interaction and causality in digital signature exchange protocols
TGC 2014. [pdf]

Pushouts in Computational Systems Biology. With Tobias Heindel.
ICGT 2014. [pdf]

Context-sensitive flow analyses: a hierarchy of model reductions. With Ferdinanda Camporesi and Jérôme Feret.
CMSB 2013. [pdf]

Filtered compression for Kappa.
SASB 2013. [pdf]

Pattern graphs and rule-based models. With Tobias Heindel.
FoSSACS 2013. [pdf]

Graphs, rewriting and pathway reconstruction in rule-based models. With Vincent Danos, Jérôme Feret, Walter Fontana, Russell Harmer, Jean Krivine, Chris Thompson-Walsh and Glynn Winskel.
FSTTCS, 2012. [pdf]

Containment in rule-based models. With Chris Thompson-Walsh and Glynn Winskel.
SASB 2011. [pdf]

Granularity and concurrent separation logic
CONCUR 2011, Aachen September 2011. [pdf]

Petri net semantics
PhD thesis. Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. January 2009. [pdf]
Also available as UCAM-CL-TR-782

Symmetry in Petri nets. With Glynn Winskel
Perspectives in Concurrency. K Lodaya, M Mukund, and R Ramanujam (eds), Universities Press. 2008. [pdf]

The Unfolding of General Petri Nets. With Glynn Winskel
FSTTCS 2009, Bangalore. [pdf]

Independence and concurrent separation logic. With Glynn Winskel
Journal version appears in LMCS vol. 4 issue 1 [pdf] [ps]
Extended abstract as presented at LICS 2006. Copyright © IEEE 2006. [pdf] [ps] [slides]

Logic and Semantics Seminars

I organise the Logic and Semantics Seminar series.